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How to prevent the bottom of the hollow board from deforming

How to prevent the bottom of the hollow board from deforming Among the various packaging boxes materials, the PP hollow board box is considered to be a very popular type It makes everyone satisfied whether in appearance or function. Good hollow board packaging box, also known as PP plastic turnover box, is made of environmentally friendly raw materials PP polypropylene. It has no peculiar smell and has a long service life. It can bring customers good moisture-proof, flame-retardant, anti-static, and resistant Corrosion, wear resistance, compression resistance, anti-vibration, anti-ultraviolet, heat preservation, and sound insulation effects, so let us talk about how to prevent the bottom of the hollow board turnover box from deforming! In the actual application process, there are many specifications of the hollow board turnover box, which can be processed into different styles according to market demand and customer preferences. In the production process, the manufacturer can extend the service life of the box. To ensure the integrity of the internal goods, it will be more attentive to the bottom of the box. In order to prevent the bottom of the box from deforming and breaking, the hollow board box manufacturer will carry out a series of operations. First of all, hollow board box manufacturers will work hard on raw materials and functional preparations, and will choose high-quality raw materials to make packaging boxes. During the production process, a certain proportion of corrosion-resistant and anti-fracture agents will be added to make the box materials more flexible and extensible. It is not easy to deform and break even when exposed to strong external pressure. Secondly, hollow board box manufacturers will add different specifications of pads, brackets and cushions inside the box to better improve the service life of the box and effectively protect the internal goods.

how to get good printing effect on pp hollow board ?

how to get good printing effect on pp hollow board ? The hollow board turnover box is a more popular packaging box in modern society. Its overall workmanship is very fine, and the appearance quality is very good. It has good function on moisture-proof, flame-retardant, anti-static, corrosion-resistant, abrasion-resistant, UV-resistant, pressure-resistant and so onit can also be printed with different patterns and texts according to the needs of customers and the field of use. Let's talk about how to ensure the printing effect of hollow board turnover box . First of all, the hollow board turnover box is made by PP polypropylene hollow board. the hollow board itself is a material that is easy to print color. Many manufacturers will print the board into a variety of patterns and textuse according to its flatness and customer request. Printing into a variety of patterns and text, they usually choose two coloring methods, one is spraying and screen printing, these two methods are not easy to fade when printed on the boardUsually they will choose two methods, one is spraying and another is screen printinby these two methods, the patterns are not easy to fade  There are also some individual factors that will affect its printing effect, such as the quality of the board and printing technology.  the board shall be flat and smooth

Where is the anti-uv hollow board generally used

Where is the anti-uv hollow board generally used The hollow board is also called PP plastic hollow board, corrugated board or Lattice board. This is an environmentally friendly board with high appearance quality and powerful functions. The PP plastic hollow board is made of polypropylene and has strong Moisture-proof, flame-retardant, anti-static, anti-corrosion, anti-wear, anti-UV, anti-vibration, sound insulation, heat preservation effect Anti-UV is actually anti-ultraviolet. As the name implies, anti-UV has good anti-ultraviolet function. In the production of plastic hollow board, anti-UV masterbatch will be added. In our daily life, we can see anti-UV hollow board materials. For example, most of the advertising display boards are made of anti-UV PP hollow boards. This kind of display board has a smooth and neat appearance and has a good coloring effect. Different colors and texts can be printed to achieve the effect of advertising display. In addition, this kind of display board can adapt to the external environment and ensure its own integrity to play a better advertising display effect. In addition to be used as external advertising display boards, the anti-UV hollow board is also processed into turnover boxes with different specifications and functions, which brings convenience to logistics transportation and cargo storage.

Can PP Hollow Board Be Used As Packing of Auto Parts

Can PP Hollow Board Be Used As Packing of Auto Parts The hollow board box for auto parts packaging is made by pp hollow board material and processed according to customer needs. The overall appearance of the box is smooth, the color is rich, and it is outstanding in terms of moisture-proof, mildew-proof, flame-retardant and anti-static. The hollow board box also has good anti-vibration, anti-pressure, anti-ultraviolet, heat preservation, and sound insulation functions. When encountering a special external environment, it can effectively protect the quality and performance of the auto parts inside.

Why use knife card inside the pp turnover box ?

Why use knife card inside the pp turnover box ? There is a very cost-effective board in life. Its name is hollow board. It is made of environmentally friendly pp polypropylene, non-toxic, tasteless, and powerful. The hollow board has a smooth appearance and rich colors. The blue hollow board can be made into different specifications of knife card packaging. The knife card has strong function on moisture-proof, flame-retardant, anti-static, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, anti-vibration,uv resistancethe hollow board knife card packaging can effectively fix the inside goods position, avoiding the effect from external vibrations The frequency of use of the knife card in the hollow board turnover box in various fields is still very high. First, its color is relatively popular, suitable for various fields, and secondly, its powerful functions and high cost performance are the main reasons why everyone chooses it. It can not only protect inside goods, but also effectively guarantee its own integrity. It can be said to be very strong. Under normal circumstances, a skeleton box and knife card box can be used for about five years Which the paper box can not reach In the past, users were used to using cardboard knife cards because of its low price. However, cardboard has a fatal disadvantage. It has poor waterproof and moisture-proof functions. After two times, it can no longer be used. Therefore, compared with cardboard and hollow board products, hollow board products are still strong and durable.

Is the hollow board suitable for the seafood box of fishery industry?

Is the hollow board suitable for the seafood box of fishery industry? there are many people live on fisheries. In what way will fishery materials be transported to other places? Is it appropriate to use a hollow board seafood box? PP hollow board boxes, its popular very much in recent years. This kind of box is not very special in appearance. It is similar to ordinary plastic or paper boxes, but this box has three major advantage which other boxs do not have.First of all, the surface of the box body is flat, without obvious pits or pits, easy to paint, and can be sprayed with bright and rich colors according to the characteristics of the products inside Secondly, the hollow board box usd as seafood box has good moisture-proof, mildew-proof, flame-retardant, anti-static, anti-vibration, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, UV resistance, heat preservation and sound insulation functions during actual application. It can be used in the fishing industry. it will ensure the freshness of the seafood inside and avoid unnecessary losses in the transportation The third point, the PP hollow board box is not a disposable box, it can be recycled and reused, is an authentic environmentally friendly product.

What is the Role of Corona on Hollow Board ?

What is the Role of Corona on Hollow Board ? The hollow board is a kind of multifunctional board with a smooth and durable appearance and hollow shape inside. The plastic hollow board has strong function on moisture-proof, flame-retardant, anti-static, conductive, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, UV-resistant, anti-vibration, Low temperature resistance, sound insulation and other functions it is one of the preferred materials in many fields in our country. In order to meet the requirements of our customers, some manufacturers will do deep process including the corona of the hollow board. Next, let’s talk about the role of hollow plate corona. Corona is increase adhesion of the hollow board through electric shock, so that the pattern and color of theboard surface will be more durable. with corona treated, the hollow board material has better effect and longer service lifeit is Indispensable process during treat hollow board

How Long Can the Hollow Board Turnover Box Be Used?

How Long Can the Hollow Board Turnover Box Be Used? The pp hollow board box is a full-featured and long-life box. Under normal circumstances, a pp hollow board turnover box can be used for 5 to 10 years, and the price is very competitive! Hollow board turnover box is also called pp hollow board box. the turnover box is made by pp hollow board which is odorless and non-toxic On the market, this kind of box is very similar in shape to the wooden boxes and cartons box we used before, with a smooth and durable appearance, rich colors and many functions. It is now a hollow board box for logistics transportation and cargo storage. Due to the increasing frequency of use of pp hollow board boxes, many manufacturers in our country have started the business of producing and selling pp hollow board boxes. The raw material for the production of pp hollow board boxes is polypropylene. The great feature of polypropylene is that it is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and insoluble in water. After being made into a turnover box, these advantages are still followed, and it can play a good role to a large extent during use.It is more outstanding in terms of moisture-proof, flame-retardant, anti-static, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, pressure resistance, mildew resistance, UV resistance, sound insulation, heat preservation, etc. These features can greatly extend the service life of the turnover box. Bring a good experience to customers!

How to Get Box from PP Hollow Sheet

How to Get Box from PP Hollow Sheet  PP hollow sheet turnover box main material is a PP hollow sheet, and then after the pressure cut, torn edges, stitching, assembly and made of a series of processing flow Below is the example of processing for turnover box 1, the extrusion line produce the required PP hollow sheets with required width and thickness, and cut into required length. And collecting different sizes in different stacking. 2,Use the pressure cutting machine to cut the PP hollow sheet into required  shape. Pressing action should be accurate, rapid, agile, and keep the board clean, in accordance with the provisions of a unified placed on the table 3, the professional workers tear the extra edges according to the indentation from the pressure cutting machine, The tearing action should pay attention to the intensity. to ensure the board neat appearance, it is not allowed to produce flash and laceration because of strong tearing force. 4, stitching the two sheets by rivets, flat wire or welding, etc., the stitching seal can be sealed by  fiber tape or glue or magic paste 5, quality inspection. Quality inspection staff to perform full inspection, sampling, failure and other standard scrap process. 6, the qualified products will be packaged and stored, when folded, the packing box should be labeled and neatly put into storage. The above is the whole process of making the turnover box from the PP hollow sheet. The turnover box made from PP hollow sheet has the advantages of light weight, non-toxic, tasteless, no pollution, flexural resistance, anti-aging, waterproof, moisture proof, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, , Can be reused repeatedly and a series of advantages, is a new type of green materials, logistics and packaging industry in the transport plays an important role in storage and turnover, can effectively protect the product from the external environment damage

What is the PP Hollow Corrugated Sheet Application

What is the PP Hollow Corrugated Sheet Application Fruit,Vegetable and Food Packaging PP plastic hollow packing box has excellent moisture resistance, water resistance, low temperature resistance, light and high strength, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, recyclable and reusable features, etc.Products: Apple Store Packing Box, Ginger Packing Box, Asparagus Packing Box, Grape Packing Box, Milk Packing Box, Variety Packing Box, Dairy Packing Box, etc. Industrial Packaging PP plastic hollow plate is widely used in the field of industrial packaging, because of its light and high strength, good buffer performance, good weather resistance, environmental recyclable reusable.PP plastic hollow plate industrial logistics turnover box product line is very rich, there are double-layer fixed turnover box, single-layer fixed turnover box, single-layer folding turnover box, matching knife card pad, storage cage enclosure, etc. According to the function can be divided into electronic turnover box, auto parts turnover box, logistics turnover box and so on; can meet the logistics turnover needs of all kinds of enterprises. Packaging of Glass Bottles With the continuous improvement of the quality requirements of glass bottles, the traditional packaging of sacks cannot meet the needs of production and market. Tray packaging can overcome the drawbacks of sack packaging, can reduce the packaging and transportation of glass bottles broken, but also to avoid the sack after a long time on the bottle ash and even adhered to the bag of decay.PP plastic hollow plate according to the customer's requirements, sealing edge, sealing angle to produce a variety of high strength and size of glass tray packaging plate. Advertising Decoration and Advertising Printing PP Plastic is dedicated to improving the quality of hollow plate, research and development of plastic hollow plate deep processing. develop different processes according to different products. Made of indoor and outdoor advertising exhibition display board, publicity posters, dairy drinks and wine display box and other products, this product has waterproof and moisture-proof, anti-aging, exquisite printing, long use time, beautiful and generous, overall vision and other characteristics. Refrigerator and Washing Machine PP plastic hollow plate is a new type of environmental protection products, no pollution, no harm, meet the requirements of green environmental protection. The product has large internal quality, flat surface, high breaking strength, flame retardant, good moisture-proof performance, zero surface water and steam penetration, heat insulation, good energy saving effect. Especially the refrigerator with external condenser has excellent adiabatic effect. The company can make all kinds of refrigerator, freezer, washing machine back and base according to customer's request