Spread of 2019 Covid19 controlled

Spread of 2019 Covid19 controlled


the covid 19 is under control by China government

everything goes well

Spread of 2019 Covid19 controlled
Dear Customer,

As you may know, a new coronavirus named the 2019-nCoV is invading some human bodies. Fortunately, although there were 59,882 confirmed cases as of February 13rd, they were all controlled in time.

In controlling this sudden outbreak, the Chinese Government has demonstrated unparalleled organizational capabilities. Since February 3, the number of newly confirmed cases outside Hubei Province (origin of the outbreak) has continued to decline for 11 days.

Some findings that I would like to share with you as follows,
  1. The coronavirus can not survive after 48 hours of exposure to dry conditions.
  2. Wearing a mask does not mean unhealthy, it’s a way to avoid the risk of being infected by the virus.
  3. In order to avoid transmission of the virus, the lunar New Year holiday has been extended by the Chinese government to at least February 9,2020.
Nevertheless, in order to serve our clients as usual, our company has been on duty at home since February 3.

Thank you for your concern about us. I believe the epidemic will end soon. Any further news, I will share it with you once available.

Best wishes