double wall corrugated hdpe pipe machine factory with best quality cost
double wall corrugated hdpe pipe machine factory with best quality cost
double wall corrugated hdpe pipe machine factory with best quality cost
double wall corrugated hdpe pipe machine factory with best quality cost
double wall corrugated hdpe pipe machine factory with best quality cost
double wall corrugated hdpe pipe machine factory with best quality cost

Item specifics

mould material
cast aluminum
mould pairs
machine model
forming type
air blowing and vacuum
machine type
production line length
delivery time
60 days
Qingdao China

Product review


double wall corrugated hdpe pipe machine
machine photo 
double wall corrugated pipe machine
discription of our double wall corrugated pipe machine
1. The main machine adopts special designed high efficiency screw which is specially used for polyolefin, it has the features of stable performance and high efficiency. The machine has two independent extruders, which can realize both inside and outside layer with different material and colors

2. Composite extrusion die head with specially helical structure to make the wall thickness uniform and stable production

3. The forming machine has automatic power-off protection deivce. The forming machine can automatically exit from the die head to avoid equipment failure in case of electricity cut off suddenly. It also equipped with new type high transmitting ratio reducer, easy to operate and maintenance

4. The corrugated forming system is in combination with water cooling and air cooling to ensure high production speed continuously. Advanced programmable lubricating system minimizes the moulds wear so as to increase the life of service and ensure work smoothly with high precision to ensure the products quality stability.

5. Mould adopts special aluminum alloy material and high precision die casting forming mould method, it has the advantages of high precision, high strength, good wearability and better heat dissipation performance

6. Wave structure launched a comprehensive new optimization design to reach the best combination of high-rigidity and low weight
prouduct photo 
product application
PVC PE double wall corrugated pipe machine/extrusion line adopts extruding and forming process, has the features of reliable quality and high efficiency. Compared with other plastic pipe wall structure, double wall corrugated pipe has excellent wall structure design, its low weight reach the lower production cost and improve the market competitiveness. It is widely used in various field instead of concrete pipe and iron pipes, because it has excellent features such as: easy connected and accessories installed, and quality reliable

machine details photo
1. extruder
single screw extruder: two sets
used for HDPE material 
equip auto loader and dryer hopper 
SJ90/30 model with 75kw motor 
SJ75/30 with 45kw motor 
connical double screw extruder: one set
used for pvc powder material 
equip material screw loading device
equip double screw feeding device
SJ65/132 model with 37kw motor
2. die unit 

die head

mode: double wall co extrusion
material: 40Cr
cast aluminum heater

die head
air blowing and water cooling
cast aluminum heater
3. universal vacuum forming machine
vacuum forming machine
forming: vacuum 
cooling: water

DWC pipe machine
vacuum forming machine

motor: 5.5kw
vacuum pump: 5.5kwx3sets
water pump: 5.5kw

4. mould block
double wall corrugated pipe mould
mould block
quantity: 48 pairs 
material: cast aluminum
heating: cast aluminum heater
mould block
vacuum channel on mould 
mould block size: height 200mm, width 170, thickness 132mm
5. cutting machine
no dust cutter
cutting blade: alloy steel
cutting mode: pnematic 
cutter with dust collection 
dust collector to collect dust after cutting
collecting by bag
6. single position colier/winder
double wall corrugated pipe winding
single position 

coiling/winding machine
outer diameter 800-1200mm adjustable
inner diameter 550-800 adjustable
7. Electrical system
DWC pipe machine
Electrical system
PLC control system optional
ABB inverter
SIEMENS motor 
Electrical system
Omron temperature controller 
SIEMENS low voltage appliance 
UPS for forming machine 
technical parameter
machine model 
pipe diameter mm
extruder screw
extruder model
mould block pairs
mould block material 
we have other types double wall corrugated pipe machine
40-110 50-160 HDPE double wall corrugated pipe machine
72 paris mould block 
mould material is iron 
special vacuum forming machine for small diameter less than 160mm
our customer
Tongsan Customer
our advantage: 
turnkey project service:

1, we will provide not only machines but also raw material to produce final product

2, we will provide design for factory layout and electrical power accounting

3, we will provide the model selection and technicial parameters 

4. we will provide spare parts according to customer request
5, we will provide good service for machine installation and trainning.
6, we will provide after-sell service for whole life of machine.
7. we will provice solution for the practical problem during production
machine installation and trainning 

When our corrugated pipe machine arrives to Customer's factory, we shall help customer to prepare the material,electricity and other running conditions. 

then we will send our engineers to customer's factory for installation all the machines and running all the machines.

our engineer shall also teach customer's engineer how to operate machine. 

After that if the customer's engineer has any problem in the cooperation, they can contact our service team to do online training.