PVC Window And Door Profile Making Extrusion Machine
PVC Window And Door Profile Making Extrusion Machine
PVC Window And Door Profile Making Extrusion Machine
PVC Window And Door Profile Making Extrusion Machine
PVC Window And Door Profile Making Extrusion Machine
PVC Window And Door Profile Making Extrusion Machine

Item specifics

Machine Type
PVC Window and Door Profile Extrusion Machine
Product Width
Extruder Size
SJ51/105 65/132 80/156
Production Speed
Ceiling,Wall,Skirting,Window,Door Frame

Product review


discription of PVC window and door profile extrusion machine

a, plastic pvc profiles extrusion line is specializing in producing PVC plastic profiles including doors and windows profiles, decorative plates, tiny foaming profiles and decorative plates.

b, pvc profile machine uses PVC powder as material to produce various sorts of the mentioned plastic profiles as profiles for doors and windows, decorative profiles, etc.

c, By Absorbing advanced technology from abroad, our company developed the large plastic profile extrusion line, which is equipped with conical double-screw extruder, and it possesses the advantages of high degree automation, stable performance, high output and efficiency, etc.

d, If change certain screw and mould, the pvc profile machine can directly extrude foaming profiles, and the effect is much better than that of single-screw.

e, pvc profile extrusion line is optimumly designed by referring to the latest overseas technology, it bears the features of even plasticization, low cutting rate, high output, and long lifespan, etc. And it composes conical double-screw extruder, vacuum sizing platform, tractor, cutting and film coating machine and material stirring bracket,etc.

f, The pvc profile machine is run by alternating current frequency controller or direct current controllable silicon. The temperature controlling instrument is introduced from abroad. In addition, the vacuum pump and traction engine of the auxiliary machines are quality products which can be maintained easily

g, To match with different moulds, the shape-fixing platform of 4m, 6m, 8m or 11m, etc. can be chosen accordingly. The main machine with parallel double-screw is especially suitable for high-speed extrusion of various kinds of profiles.

Different models of PVC window and door profile extrusion machine
Total Power(kw)
Max profile width (mm)
Profile products
electricity truck,house deractive line,small profiles
window and door profile,wall panel,ceiling panel
door panel,furniture panel
door panel,furniture panel
details of PVC profle panel production line/PVC ceiling machine
main machine
Screw feeder
Automatic feeding
Conical double screw extruder
Die head and mold
Calibrating machine
Haul off machine
double caterpillar
Cutting machine
Auto fixed length cutting
Product stacker
Auto stacker
auxilary machine
mix all material
for recycle wastage
air compressor
provide compressed air
laminating/hot stamping machine
surface treatment
water chiller
provide chilling water
machine details
a. connical double screw extruder with auto loader
machine model: SJSZ51/105,  65/132,  80/156,  92/188
motor: SIEMENS
inverter: ABB
temperature controller: SIEMENS
b. die unit and mold 
material: 3Cr17, tempering HRC28-32, ensure anti-rust, hardness and service life
Calibrator size: 240mm or 320mm
Quantity of calibrator section:1 or 2 or 3 or 4 sets according to product size shape
Water tank length: 2000mm or 4000mm, fiber glass board, accessories are made of stainless steel
c. vacuum calibrating table
length: 6m,8m,10m,12m
material of surface: 304 stainless steel 
vacuum pump included 
water pump included
d. haul off and cutting machine
haul off with double gear box 
haul off controlled by ABB inverter
saw blade cutting 
dust collector included
e. surface treatment machine:
mostly laminating is used for pvc window and door profile 
f. ASA co extrusion can be achived online to get wooden grain surface
ASA co extrusion to get wooden grain
g. pvc seal extruded online is possible 
you can extrude pvc seal gasket online
h. by change mold, you can get different pvc window and door profiles
by change mold, same machine can produce the following products:
wall panel, skirting, window frame, door frame,decorative profile